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Horizontal Bed: In many cases people want to put a fold up bed into a space with a lowered ceiling.  What we do in this case is tilt the flip up bed on its side, now we can put a murphy bed in an attic or basement.  The other reason someone likes to do a side tilt fold up bed is because they don’t want it to open very far into the room, maybe a den with other furniture or an exercise room.

Horizontal tilt wall bed

When we build a side tilt murphy bed it is not actually a murphy bed but a panel bed.  If we were to use the murphy bed mechanism we would have to put bi-fold doors on the front (like we do with the vertical tilt beds) and this would just make the wall bed way too wide.  By using the panel bed mechanism, we can make the entire unit close to the length of the mattress.

Dimensions of sideways tilting Panel beds:

Twin- 80″ wide, 51″ high, 15″ deep, 49″ open.

Double- 80″ wide, 66″ high, 15″ deep, 64″ open.

Queen- 85″ wide, 72″ high, 15″ deep, 70″ open.

Adding cabinetry:  To the left is a side tilt double panel bed.  We’ve added cabinetry to the top and to the right to increase the storage functionality of this unit.

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