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  • How to Build My Own Murphy Bed

    How to build a Murphy bed without expensive hardware. This is a DIY project I found.  This is a set of instructions on how to build your own Murphy bed with inexpensive hardware found at any lumber yard. This project is inexpensive, […]…

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  • Colours

    Available Colours All of the colours below were taken with an iPhone but are very true.    When using solid wood we can custom colour match any colour you provide us with. If you can’t find something here don’t worry, we […]…

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  • Murphy Bed Hardware

    Murphy Bed Hardware: Murphy beds can be built using either spring, piston or hydraulic lift mechanisms. Hydraulic is cool and requires a lot of wiring. Piston murphy beds require maintenance to oil the valves and gaskets. The true low maintenance […]…

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to anticipate questions you might have. We are in the middle of expanding this section on our new site. If you need additional information, send email to 1. Do I need a special mattress? Our beds do not […]…

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  • The History of the Murphy bed, Panel Bed or Wall Bed

    The Murphy bed has a simple but proud history… Here it is. The adage that “necessity is the mother of invention” clearly holds true in the invention of the Murphy Bed.William L. Murphy, who was born in Columbia, California, near […]…

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Murphy Bed Photo Gallery

This gallery will show a few more wall-beds. Every picture in this gallery was designed and built by us. You will notice that they are all very different. Each bed is designed for the particular room and application. Remember your guest room usually only gets used about 2 weeks per year so it is best to optimize the design for the other 50 weeks it will be closed.

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