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Murphy Bed Hardware:
Murphy beds can be built using either spring, piston or hydraulic lift mechanisms. Hydraulic is cool and requires a lot of wiring. Piston murphy beds require maintenance to oil the valves and gaskets. The true low maintenance murphy/wall bed system is an Ontario Murphy Beds bed. At Ontario Murphy Beds we use tensioned springs to do all the work.

Both types of wall bed mechanisms offer fingertip operation, regardless of the weight of your mattress.  We offer 2 different types of hardware packages for the do-it-yourselfers.  We supply all of the hardware, you supply the cabinetry.  We have a Murphy bed mechanism and we have a wall-bed or panel bed mechanism.  Most people refer to a fold up bed as a murphy bed, but they are quite different.  Either package includes a lifetime warranty.

Above is a panel bed. The hardware package designed to make this bed includes all screws bolts and springs. We will also supply you with a cut list for all of the required lumber. All you will need to do is buy the wood. The only tools required are a drill and screw driver.

Side tilt extension bar available.

Above is a Murphy bed. The hardware kit includes everything you need to lift a mattress up and down. On its own it can be used to hide a bed inside of a closet. Another use is to build a cabinet around the mechanism as in the above pictures.

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