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Make room for living, get 2 rooms in one!

We design and build custom murphy bed & wall bed systems to take back the space that a permanent bed will occupy.  We specialize in building home office systems in the second bedroom of a condo or retirement home.  We are also no strangers to cottage country.  We have the best murphy bed & wall bed cabinet designs.  We can customize them to fit in ANY room.  We've engineered and designed every type of murphy bed & wall bed using every kind of mechanism.


Library Murphy Wall Bed Systems

Queen Library Murphy Bed with Side cabinets $4999 Shipped.    

Murphy Bed History: Bill Murphy invented the original Murphy bed over 100 years ago.  To help create space in his 1 room San Francisco flat, he devised a system to tilt a bed from the horizontal position; vertically, into his closet.  After several tries he finally came up with a fold away bed that has become the standard in space saving furniture.  Murphy beds were an instant success, up until the end of the second world war.  Larger homes made the need for wall beds diminish.  Responsible living and having a practical living space has given the Murphy bed a huge comeback. It just makes sense to use a second bedroom as an office or other type of useful function instead of using it to store a guest bed.


Queen Library $4999.

The Murphy Library Bed: A library bed not only conceals a murphy bed but also give functional storage in the doors as well.  The doors are suspended on 2 HAWA tracks from Switzerland.  They glide effortlessly.  Since we suspend the doors with 2 top tracks, a floor track is not required.  Doors can be added to the shelves to help with storage.  Each door can hold over 200 lbs.  The library murphy bed is our specialty.  It is available as a DIY kit but we recommend having us install it as it is a rather difficult murphy bed to install yourself.

A Twin library murphy bed is  87" wide by 88" high.

A Full or double library murphy bed is 117" wide by 88" high.

A Queen library murphy bed is 129" wide by 93" high.

All of our library murphy beds are 26" deep.


How big are the side cabinets: The size of the side cabinets depend on the size of the bed. Larger doors are required to conceal larger murphy beds or panel beds. A Twin library murphy bed has 20" sides.  A Double murphy bed has 27" doors and sides.  A Queen Library Murphy bed or panel bed has 30" sides.  All of the sliding doors of the library murphy bed are 7 1/4" deep.  The side cabinets that the sliding murphy bed doors go in front of are either 15" deep or if you want to make them closets they will need to be 20" deep to accommodate a hanger.

Library Murphy Bed with side closets $5599 shipped.

Flat panel doors on a Library Murphy bed.

Queen Library murphy bed $5599 Shipped.


Library with bottom raised panel doors $5499 Any Colour Shipped.
A Library Murphy bed with raised panel bottom doors.
Queen Library With Raised Doors $5499 White
Library Murphy bed with top and bottom raised panel doors.
Where are the handles? When we add doors to the side cabinets we cannot put handles on them because the sliding murphy bed cabinet doors will hit them, so we put spring loaded plungers on the murphy bed side cabinet doors or drawers.  A simple push is all it takes to open the cabinet doors or drawers.

Shaker Doors on Murphy Bed $10399 installed London, Ontario.

Queen Library Murphy bed $10399 installed London, Ontario.


Hawa Aluminum Track and Nylon Roller Assemblies

Adding cabinets: Building an entire murphy bed system to occupy an entire room will allow great storage and space saving functionality.  These Library Murphy Bed units were designed and installed into one of the main living areas of their homes.

Library Murphy Bed $4999 Shipped London, Ontario.  

Queen Library murphy bed $5499 Shipped London, Ontario.

We design and install Library Murphy beds.  Ontario Murphy Beds is a subsidiary of Ontario Wall Beds.  

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